Teach English in Zhuhong Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Teaching is not simply a job everyone can do. It requires extra-ordinary skills such as patience, hard work, creativity, classroom management, pleasant personality and good communication skill. It is a kind of career which you should invest your everything-your time, effort, emotion and sometimes even your own financial resources. These investments are not meant to impress, but to make the best version of your students and even of yourself. The best quality teachers are not produced overnight. They are made by time. Producing them takes a lot of years and experiences-from the long formative years in universities to the actual everyday existence in schools with varied learners. To sum it up, teaching requires a lot of patience. Along with patience is hard-work. While others leave work in offices after official time, teachers take time to mark students’ work even break times or even take them home. Weekends are also spent to make plans for the next week or sometimes spent in school for extracurricular activities or meeting with parents. Teachers should also be creative to make the lessons interesting by devising different teaching strategies and making attractive instructional materials. A creative teacher is not only concerned with academics but also in developing students’ well-being; thus, turning a classroom into a homeroom to make students feel more comfortable. A home makes everyone feels that he/she belongs thus everybody can express his/her thoughts. Since a classroom or homeroom is inhabited by different personalities coming from different backgrounds, conflicts may rise from time to time and this is when the best classroom management skill of a teacher is needed. On the first day of school, it is necessary for the teacher to find a common ground where he/she and the students could meet. This simply means that establishing rapport among students and teacher should be established. Goals and rules must be set and agreed by everybody so that when irregularities happen which hamper the smooth flow of everyday routine, they have something to look back and to remind everyone of the agreement. Learning starts from discipline and once the teacher has established discipline from the beginning, it is not hard to manage the class no matter how big or small it is. However, don’t be confused between discipline and abuse of that terror-like teacher in movies you might have watched. Discipline in the classroom is setting boundaries between what can and can’t be done not only by the students but also by the teacher. A warm and welcoming teacher is more loved and appreciated by students. Once the connection is established, students are more motivated to learn from a teacher who possesses this pleasant personality. The last but not the least skill a teacher must possess is good communication skill. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal. This is very important to carry out tasks in the classroom such as explaining theories, giving instructions and explaining processes. A successful teacher transmits knowledge and skills to students and this can be achieved only if the teacher has necessary skills such as patience, hard work, creativity, classroom management, pleasant personality good communication skill.