Teach English in Tonghua Shi

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Teach English in ankou Zhen, Tonghua Shi
it's avery very very very good unit full of important information i really love it and i know alot alot alot alot of it which clearly cannt be assured withour practice it practically it's very good info full of good useful benefitjdksj aloot very much i like it i gain alot from it
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Teach English in Dalu Zhen, Tonghua Shi
This lesson is very clear to me so i stick to some excerpts i have written down Teaching of receptive skills presents a number of potential problems related to the language contained on the media, the topics and the tasks the students will perform with it
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Teach English in Huinan Zhen, Tonghua Shi
When teaching a new language learners tend to develop their receptive skills first and then acquire productive skills, it is a very complex relationship between the two as they all play a supporting role with developing other skills
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Teach English in Kangdaying Zhen, Tonghua Shi
teaching receptive skills--Listening and reading Key point: Problems with listening and reading- Language: sentence, word length, unfamiliar words Topics: interesting topics
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Teach English in Liuhe Zhen, Tonghua Shi
A very interesting unit which talks about receptive skills, their importance, reasons for this skills, how we read and listen and problems with reading and listening
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