Teach English in Wu'egeqi Muchang - Tongliao Shi

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Flash cards are an immeasurable tool for teaching both young learners and beginner/elementary or pre-intermediate English students. There are so many different uses, but for this summative task, we will explore five examples. TPR Flash cards can be used with TPR where we look at different verbs. Learners can be shown an action such as swimming, dancing, jumping etc and flash cards placed around the room, the young learner or beginner student must race to that card and perform the action. They would then get to keep the card. The student with the most flash cards wins. Alternatively, a student can be shown the flashcard and must perform the action. This is a fun and effective way to teach verbs. Drilling Activities Drilling activities are extremely important in teaching English to get the students to actually start speaking. An idea with drilling and flash cards is that the card is shown a picture of a word and also, another flashcard with the word written. Have the students repeat the words on each flashcard and then eventually remove the written card. Once students have learned the words, the flash cards can be shown faster and faster to create excitement. Memory Activities Memory activities can become fun with the use of flash cards. You can place picture flash cards on the board with their accompanying written word flash cards. It is best to draw a grid around each card to show it's placement. Have the students read through all the words, then start to remove the picture flash cards one by one. The students are asked to guess which card has been removed. You can remove and replace the flash cards many times. You can also go faster and faster to create excitement. What Is It? This is similar to the memory game but with a twist. With this flash card game, the students are shown the cards and are taught, thorough choral work, the words that correspond with the card. Then written cards are introduced that correspond with picture cards. Again, choral work with both the picture and written cards. Now, shuffle all the cards so that they are a big jumble and have the students working in pairs, put the correct words with their pictures. The winner is the group that is the first to correctly match all the cards. Race Against Time In Race Against Time, flash cards are shown in picture form and written and there needs to be some choral work. These cards would be simple things that would be found in the classroom, such as wall, clock, desk, student, garbage can etc. The students memorize the cards and then the word cards are turned over. The picture cards are taken away. The student must pick a card, look at it and match it to the correct object. Each student would get a chance to pick between 3 and 5 cards and they can be timed. The student that matches the most correct cards in the least amount of time is the winner. This activity would be best in a smaller class of maybe 6 students.