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Petr Staněk Czech Republic 22. 1. 2020 Should a parent learn english too Dear readers, I am choosing a very beautiful title for my essay, and I want to tell you all, who are reading right now, that my title is really interesting and everyone should definitelly read it thru. We are going to talk about „Should a parent learn english too?“. So this is my title for the topic we are going to talk about today. As you can see and maybe even think most of the parents are not trying really hard to keep up with the level of their kids english, but some maybe do. I will try to show you all today, that parents should definitelly learn english too and I will try my best to include some materials to support my opinions. As I said today’s topic is „Should the parent learn english too?“, and now I would like to tell you why I think, that it is important even for parents, to learn a beautiful language as english is. I will now mention my teaching experience from China and United states quickly, because I was dealing with parents many times and I know this issue from my own point of view. Some of the parents I’ve met especially in China were scared to learn for many reasons. Some of them were scared to learn from non native speakers, and they were scared that they are not able to learn english well, with his wrong pronunciation. But for example server „ Cambridge english.com“ is saying that „remember, there is no single ‘correct’ English pronunciation. In countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and USA, there are over 100 different regional and local varieties of English. Furthermore, the majority of people who use English come from other countries all over the world. English speakers are used to hearing lots of different accents – it’s a really important part of learning the language.“ 1 As you can see there is no good and bad accent therefore everyone can learn english freely especially the previous mentioned chinese parents. And also I have my asked my personal mentor/coach and he said that english is basically an international language and everyone on the planet should be learning it. But as we all know the procrastination is the main reason why all of us are doing things slowly and not very effectively, anywyy I want to say that it is essential to learn english with your child, because you are able to establish a good relationship and now the learning can be a funny and entertaining proces for both parent and the child. So these and many more reasons I have to support my idea that parent should learn english and that doing it so with your own child, while you both learn english, is the best choice for you if you were a parent. I wonder how many more parents will I see, whom are not learning english with his child, so they can both achieve at least some english abilitity to play and have fun. And I think that there are enough reasons to support my thesis, that parent should learn english too. Thank you for reading to the end and I believe that all of you who have read until the end, now believe that every parent should learn english too. 1 The New York Times, Helping Students Motivate Themselves (accessed 30 November 2017). Sincerely Petr Staněk