Teach English in Ehu Zhen - Wuxi Shi

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Once I am TEFL certified, I plan to teach business English abroad. The following are online resources that I plan to use in the classroom, along with descriptions of why I included them. The first website I want to use during lessons is called Eslbrains.com. There are many reasons I think this is a great resource. For starters, the layout and interface of the website are very intuitive and pleasing to look at, unlike many other ESL-focused websites that are confusing to navigate and are in desperate need of a web designer. In terms of its content, this website is extremely useful. It has free lessons and articles that include topics such as writing professional business emails, finance-related vocabulary, phrases often used on the telephone, how to properly ask for a raise, and much more. The second online resource I plan to use is called Businessenglishpod.com. Although some content on the site is paid for, a lot of their segments can be found for free on their website with a little more digging. Business English Pod is essentially a podcast that will help students practice their listening skills. Their show covers topics such as handling difficult customers, how to nail an interview, basic legal vocabulary, opening up meetings, brainstorming ideas, and the list goes on. They also include segments that are more like listening to a movie than listening to an article, which will probably be more engaging than the latter. Each episode comes with its scripted counterpart, along with highlighted terms that students may need clarification on. The third website I want to mention is called Linguahouse.com. I included this because the first website offers more of a how-to guide, while this website focuses more on starting open-ended discussions on business topics. These include titles such as “Remote Working- A Dream Job?”, and “Dogs at the Workplace?”. The lessons can also be sorted by lesson time, English levels, media sources included, and various other features that ESL teachers may need in order to narrow down their selection. These filters give the site a huge advantage because they will help me to find what I need rather efficiently, unlike other websites that are not as organized. The fourth website I am including is called Theofficelife.com. This resource is not necessarily tailored to ESL students specifically but would be helpful nonetheless. It is full of business jargon such as “above-board”, “pacesetter”, “the last man standing”, and “magic bullet”, to name a few. I think this website is essential for use in a business English course because so many offices incorporate phrases such as these during meetings and the like, so I think not introducing students to the vocabulary would be a disservice to them. Though it would be impossible to cover them all, I may highlight a few of them throughout the course just so that students are aware of the most commonly used sayings before they enter the workplace. The fifth and final website I want to include here is called English-online.at. It provides news articles in basic English that can be used to present current events in a less intimidating format. The site highlights terms used that students may not know and summarizes events in a way that gets the main point across without being too wordy and difficult for ESL students. I think this would be a really useful website because it could start discussions in the classroom about businesses in the real world and what is going on in that sector. These business English resources are, in my opinion, indispensable due to the fact that they provide quality content, are easily accessible, and provide never-ending knowledge to any students that may want to research further on their own.