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Teach English in GushAn Zhen, Wuxi Shi
Melanie Banoza ITTT Course 29 Feb 2020 Motivation in the classroom How to keep the motivation level high As we all know, there are several different reasons for students to attend an EFL course
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Teach English in Heqiao Zhen, Wuxi Shi
Per ITTT’s definition in Unit 1: Teachers and Learners, a beginner language level student is someone with zero knowledge of English to a very basic knowledge of English which cannot be quickly or easily activated
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Teach English in Huankeyuan, Wuxi Shi
Being an English teacher in Spain, has bought me to consider the specific learning difficulties I, as the teacher, and my students, may come across during the course of my career teaching English to native Spanish speakers
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Teach English in Hudai Zhen, Wuxi Shi
The study of Business English is currently of significant interest, the development of which is facilitated by a number of extralinguistic factors, such as the development of economic, political and trade relations between countries
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Teach English in Hufu Zhen, Wuxi Shi
There is no Standardized English dialect, the way that Mandarin Chinese might be Standardized with the Beijing accent (The People’s Language)
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Teach English in Taihua Zhen, Wuxi Shi
The worldwide demand for English education from an earlier age is undeniably present and is increasing in an unstoppable rate in our modern era
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Teach English in WuxixishAn KAifAqu, Wuxi Shi
I have chosen the above topic to write about as I will be basing my opinions on my past experiences of teaching foreign students whilst my family and I were living abroad and also because I am passionate about teaching students of all ages how to read
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Teach English in Xinqiao Zhen, Wuxi Shi
Regardless of the language you speak, we have grown up generally knowing the importance of using formal language in situations that it is deemed proper to do so
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Teach English in YangshAn Zhen, Wuxi Shi
Why troubleshooting is important for teachers Effectively involve students within a class As a teacher myself, I used to ask myself questions after each lesson: was my lesson effective enough for the learners? Is everyone within my class is satisfied and has met the need they had requested? After studying from Tefl lessons myself, the point for me to explain why troubleshooting is important for teachers has come to a more clear conclusion after all
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