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Teachers and students can benefit from games in the classroom. Research shows that play is central to learning. Playing games can help students learn concepts, reduce stress and build relationships. Games in the classroom can help teachers provide engaging ways to learn, motivate students and provide quick easy assessments. Games also help to create a positive and engaging learning environment for all levels of students. Here are some ways games can be beneficial to the classroom. Using games to teach new concepts and practice new skills is a great way to keep students engaged. Students who are engaged will retain more information. When playing games, students become more involved in their learning. They are active and can take responsibility for their learning. Games help to reinforce concepts taught and assess concepts in real-time. Games can motivate and teach. So many positives outcomes from this one strategy. Games are also great at connecting new concepts with prior knowledge and games can help meet the needs of the varied abilities in the classroom. Learning a new language gives most people a good amount of stress. Students worry about sounding funny or making mistakes. Playing games in your classroom can be a less stressful way for students to show their understanding. Students are having fun and are more relaxed so concepts can be more easily understood and retained. Less stress allows students and teachers to have a more positive view of the learning environment. For teachers, in particular, the stress of creating a lesson for a difficult skill can be minimized by using a game. Students benefit from a less stressful environment by feeling safe to express themselves. Leading to an increase in participation and greater overall success. Any activity that reduces stress is a must for creating a positive learning experience. One of the most important aspects of successful teaching and learning is building relationships. Games in the classroom can help students learn to cooperate, listen to others, and build respect. Skills that are essential to help one connect to another human being. The student to student connections helps build empathy and understanding. Teacher-student connections build trust and motivation. When students feel safe they feel free to take risks and the learning is limitless. Students and teachers are happy to be there and ready to give their best effort. Whether you are a new or seasoned teacher, using games in your English language class can bring real benefits to students and teachers. Using games in the classroom can help students of all ages and abilities have a positive and meaningful learning experience. Games can help teach and assess. Games can reduce stress and help build relationships. Games are fun and engaging. They help students focus and retain information. While learning a new language can be daunting, it can also be fun. There are many positive reasons to use games in the classroom with just a few mentioned above. Building a repertoire of language games can really help create a positive learning environment for students and teachers alike.