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Date-1st March,2020 Name- Santosh Sathpathy Topic chosen - 134. Is online education a source of globalization? Online Education A Pushing Force For Globalization It goes without saying that none of us are untouched by wave of globalization in terms of socio-economic and geopolitical connections so inter-connected and inter-dependent. For all the globalizaton phenomena is partly if not wholly a product of global education -knowledge based which is procured from around the world from various leading research & educational institutions along with fortified back-end global industries across the globe. Today's education coverage plus knowledge bank is not limited by geography based on national or regional area as before (pre/post 19th century) but its in Information age domain i.e. Online education available 24/7. As education serves as foundational to global stability, the development of multicultural awareness from an early age may integrate ideologies sourced from various societies in order to arrive at well-balanced conclusions regarding issues that surround the world as a whole leading to formation of online educations portals which are like open sourced (shared) and continuously fed with developing advancements & information discovered (know how) from around the globe, the same education then come to affect one another (people) through mutual goals of preparing young people for successful futures during which their nations will grow increasingly connected. Online education other then providing only basic education like conventional education institutes, it caters to the ability of learners to access, assess, adopt, and apply knowledge, to think independently to exercise appropriate judgement and to collaborate with others to make sense of new situations leading to breakthrough in sphere of trade & economic (International Multi/Bi -collaboration or partnerships). Online education unlike conventional education is class apart (except for few highly skilled trades/ profession where campus based education is only default but online education does comes to aid ) due to its open source nature encompassing knowledge (practical,technical-industrial based,scientific) from the top experts in their respective fields around the globe but with regional take on it. Hence we can say that, online education has become a major pushing force for globalization. Today there are many online (digital) platforms like edX,Coursera,Khan Academy,Udacity,Udemy,DataCamp which are widely known MOOC's, altogether with conventional universities online departments/divisions too like- Harvard Online courses (Harvard University, link-; Oxford Department for Continuing Education (link- many more. These online digital platforms in educational domain caters to varied study domains/vivid study interests ,few to name- Information Technology (AWS certification, various programming languages courses,Microsoft full stack developer course,data analysis cert. etc); Foreign Languages (learning languages from around the globe e.g. English,Chinese ,Hindi,Arabic etc); Business & management (Online MBA,project management , digital marketing degrees/cert.); medical & life science (food & nutrition ,master in food technology, health and safety online master/cert. course etc); arts,culture & humanities (creative writting, bachelor/master PG in history,political science etc). The above said online platforms are using advanced information and communications technologies, a new system of knowledge, education and learning which is currently in application in a wide range of synchronous and asynchronous educational/learning activities that aid teacher and student alike, thus producing an increased quantity of scientifically and technically trained individuals which have all-round technical skillsets & qualifications to work anywhere around the globe. These trained or qualified individuals add up to global work force pushing towards a more globalized world as they join existing big compaines/businesses/entrepreneurship/startups as employees/workforce or themselve create new international businesses/entrepreneurship/startups across the world, which further pushes for globalization. In my case, for teaching English language to non-native speakers I too availed ITTT certification course which shall allow me to teach abroad as certified TESOL teacher. ITTT in itself is a product of globalization or we can say it's the one pushing force for globalization by assisting/facilitating to produce certified International TEFL and TESOL teachers (workforce) which impart English language knowledge to non-native speakers (business & services skilled,semi-skilled,unskilled labour/workforce) enabling them to join into global trade,services & commerce i.e. world ecomomy by expanding their services and business on international scale. Not only online education gives individuals access to knowledge/skills from another side of the globe undermining the geographical barriers/distance, its also aids them to acquire new knowledge/skills which are not found in native lands making them extra skilled incompare to local population together with becoming cultural bridge between faraway regions (nations across the side of globe i.e. not in the same continent), contributing further to globalization. For e.g. learning English language by Asian/South Asian national through online education portals (with post-study exchange/partial part of course on international campus in UK or USA) ;learning traditional medicine or local health and nutrition practises (medical based major part via online & practical part via internship/clinical stint) by individual coming from western world.Thus online education does becomes a source of globalization as seen by above examples. In conclusion it's clear online education is becoming or became a source of globalization in other words it could be said online education is a product of globalization too.