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Why troubleshooting is important for teachers Effectively involve students within a class As a teacher myself, I used to ask myself questions after each lesson: was my lesson effective enough for the learners? Is everyone within my class is satisfied and has met the need they had requested? After studying from Tefl lessons myself, the point for me to explain why troubleshooting is important for teachers has come to a more clear conclusion after all. The importance of a teacher to consider many factors before he or she starts to prepare the lesson should not be doubted through a teacher’s career. But more importantly, why and how to help all students within the same environment developing gradually effect the fact in how well students can learn and grow. Thus for the reasons above, troubleshooting for a special group of students should never be neglected or underestimated. To fully understand the significance of why troubleshooting is important, we have to take look at the problems which have occurred in the classroom among different classes. Let us first take adult learners within the same cultural backgrounds as an example. Since the motives for adults learner could be high, they kind of knew what they expect before they made a decision walking into a TEFL classroom, it should not be hard for teachers to motivate them through learning. The problem occurs more in listening and pronunciation for adults, due to the fact that tongue muscle has somehow fixed. Thus it is the teacher’s job to provide clear, precise listening materials for learnings for students to have ears for the language. And the way to do that, again which connects to the class arrangement, lesson plannings, will affect the outcome greatly. Let us then take a look at the young learner, on the other hand, have shown totally different difficulties in learning a new language. Young learners, various from age group, were still developing in many areas, for example, recognition skills, which could bring difficulty in understanding language especially when the teacher uses English only in class. To aim this problem, one thing a good teacher could do is what Tefl has talked about, use pictures and visual images to make the point as clear as possible. To be consistent using a type of language to give out clear instructions in each stage of studies actually is working well with especially young learners. That’s why again, it is important for teachers to analyze students' age, level in the language, needs as a person—attention-seeking for example, before starting to plan out lessons. To proactively realize the problem which might occur in the classroom is also very important as part of troubleshooting for this kind of class especially. Also, motives could be another difficulty for young learners, since most of them are not the one who makes the decision when come to learn English. Some of them were sent by parents who wish their children to be more outstanding among others or they have found their child starts to show low grade in English subjects. Thus encouragement should also be considered great for learners, it could bring a huge impact on student’s motives and even to their personality. After all, troubleshooting could bring an inanimate class into a lively, enjoyable environment for English language learning, and boost the possibility of a positive outcome at the end of learning sections. Good troubleshooting skills could work as good medicine for different ‘learning disease’, it should help improve the learners' capability not only in language but also the ability to appreciate English culture and embrace the fun in learning.