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I chose this topic today because I would like to emphasize the basic essential need of motivating students during the learning process. Like any other things in life, nothing can be successfully achieved or maybe achieved at all, when lacking motivation. We all remember those old days preparing for the class, waiting for the teacher to arrive, and anxiously observing teacher's mood while praying in silence for our name not to be called. Well, those old times have passed, and the class experience has been completely transformed nowadays. As watching things more clearly now, I am very content about this change, because I strongly believe that we would have learned English much easier and much faster when we were kids. I see today pre-schoolers reading and speaking English more fluently compared to what we could speak at the age of 7-10. I am not saying that the technology development or social media hasn’t done it’s part, but looking back to the past, I could realize that teaching skills, methodologies and the most important thing, motivation, were usually poor at that time. Motivation in class is the promoter in making students build up interest about the lesson. As a result, the learning process and behaviour can be improved automatically. The fundamental aim of motivation is to stimulate and facilitate learning activity. Motivated, students are more prone to be dedicated towards the goals and their attention span increases as motivation enhances cognitive processing. Teachers are the ones to play a very considerable role on creating a cosy class ambience, but in order for the teachers to apply motivation tools, they must first be aware of its enormous necessity and productivity. Besides, a good class experience for the learners, is a good and rewarding time for the teachers themselves. The affects of motivation can be direct and indirect. The motivational affect is normally far reaching because it increases the individual’s energy level, and as a matter of fact, working in group is being improved and more enjoyable. It is said that motivated individuals can be highly adapted and can handle flexibility much better. But let’s bring to conclusion that motivation can lead to an endless chain of positive reactions, loads of benefits for the teacher and the students, as well as an overall good impact of the learning process. Although motivation is a perfect tool on the teacher’s hand, it is quite important that they practice to master it by also keeping the balance between the discipline and motivation. A good teacher should be first of all, approachable and smiley. Afterwards, when in the classroom, teachers should guide, encourage, help, praise, inspire, respect, develop many activities, set goals, and celebrate achievements with the entire group. Motivating teachers in most of the cases should behave the same as their students, and as they were their age, be there for them, care, and treat each and everyone of them equally. During their job, teachers should use a lot of motivational phrases when it seems difficult for individual students to cope with a particular goal or situation. Motivational phrases can boost self esteem and self confidence, so what better than that and consistent work altogether, would make human beings accomplish so many achievements and be proud of themselves. As a consequence, we all agree to the point that with the right motivation, work is never too hard.