Teach English in Cha'ensi Zhen - Xiangtan Shi

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“Teacher”, this word is linked with everyone’s life in a very sensitive and special way. Have you ever observed a child who has just started his/her school life? If you have, you will see that the child follows his/her teacher blindly. The very common reply a parent gets when they try to teach their child some new math technique or holding the pencil etc. is “No, my teacher showed me this way.” At home, they often start speaking the way (I would not say imitate) their teacher speaks with them. They admire them so much that they never stop talking about them after returning home. And a common role-play game we all play during our childhood is being a teacher. So, it’s quite understood how important teachers are in our life. The innocent mind of a child always looks up to his/her teacher. And this tells us the important role teachers play in our life. As said by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,” The role of the teacher is like the proverbial ‘ladder’. It is used by everyone to climb up in life but the ladder itself stays in place.” While studying about the role of a teacher we might come across the words- Manager, accessor, tutor, model, facilitator, organizer etc. These are some bookish terms we use, but in a lay man’s language, the role of a teacher is to build the world. Again, to quote A.P.J Abdul Kalam- “Teachers are the backbone of any country, the pillar upon which all aspirations are converted into realities.” Of course, every individual’s mentality changes society or a country but at the same time, we can not deny the fact that teachers play an important role in building the society. For any kid, besides parents, the next inspirational person is their teacher. So, a teacher’s role doesn’t just lie in teaching the subject, but all also values in life. Family values do play a certain role in building up a child’s character, but considering the timing a child spends at school, teachers play a vital part in shaping a child’s personality. This, in turn, will help build a corrupt-free nation. A teacher is the first person who teaches us to face hard-unforeseen things in life. The surprise tests taken by teachers might be annoying in childhood days but if you look at the concept keenly you will find it to be the best way to prepare us for any challenges that come our way. Like a shepherd who protects and shows the sheep flock its way, a teacher shows his/her students the way to lead a simple and honest life. A teacher grows our interest for a subject and that’s how we end up choosing various professions in life. But the most important role a teacher does is to build an honest citizen of the country. It’s not the political leader but it’s the teacher who is the true leaders of our society. No matter how rich a person becomes, he /she will always bend heads in front of their teacher with all due respect. And this is the power of a teacher, an influencer whose effect remains for eternity. Teaching is that noble profession in the world whose value cannot be judged by salary.