Teach English in Xiangtan Shi

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Teach English in Hongqi Nongchang, Xiangtan Shi
Teaching Engllish as a Foreign Language (TEFL) involves dynamic, cross-cultural English language instruction, requiring a level of intentional, service-oriented cultural sensitivity and awareness with new English learners that may not be so readily understood or relevent with native speakers from the United States of America
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Teach English in NanzhushAn Zhen, Xiangtan Shi
Understanding the main purpose of any language usage as a mean of exchanging, obtaining information, rendering our emotions, feelings, desires, states or transmitting ideas inevitably involves in this process other people
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Teach English in Qizi Zhen, Xiangtan Shi
Games have many elements that make them a powerful learning tool, many of them related to communication, collaboration and a competitive motive that drives children and adults to do their best, encourage them to be creative and use imagination
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Teach English in Ruyi Zhen, Xiangtan Shi
Throughout one’s schooling, it is not uncommon to come across that particular teacher that resolves every type of altercation, or moment of class disturbance, with excessive shouting and loss of temper
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Teach English in ShAnzao Zhen, Xiangtan Shi
“5 activities with flashcards” I would like to introduce five flashcards activities which I found them fun and practical to enhance student’s vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening and speaking
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Teach English in ShuAngma Zhen, Xiangtan Shi
LESSON PLAN Teacher: solmaz Observer: n/a Date and time: 20/10/19 Class level: Beginner Room: 1 number of students: 4 Language point: consolidation of introduction and ask for the name spelling from previous lesson to bring out new grammar and vocabularies
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