Teach English in JiAngshe Zhen - Xiangtan Shi

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Classroom management is important in part of teaching, and the effect of classroom management directly affects classroom efficiency. Therefore, learning how to effectively manage the classroom is a required course for every teacher. In the classroom, children are prone to situations where their thoughts are not concentrated and they are absent-minded in class such as chatting, speaking, doing small moves, thoughts wander, or because of the lack of self-control during the game. These conditions are inevitable, which is determined by the physiological and psychological characteristics of the students at the young age. So, in general, how should young English teachers manage the classroom? First, seek emotional resonance. The good way to solve the above problems is to move people by feeling, to manage people by feeling. For example, when the tone of teaching is fresh and refreshing, the teacher must guide the students with a happy and cheerful mood; When teaching turns to the tone of sadness, the teacher must infect the students with a deep and desolate mood; when teaching requires strict science and clear organization, the teacher's mood should be normal and comfortable. These emotions are conveyed to students by means of teaching materials and certain teaching methods. It will attract students like magnets. On the other hand, when communicating with children, from the semantics to the behavior, the students should feel that the teacher is caring for him and actively cooperate with the teacher's classroom management. Second, use eye reminders. It's a common thing for children to do errands in class When the child doesn't pay attention, if the teacher reminds him in public at this time, it will not only affect the classroom, but also the child's self-respect. In this case, the teacher should be good at using the eyes to communicate with the children. The teacher uses a slightly stricter eye to remind the students that the students will understand that their behavior is wrong. If the child is still unable to concentrate on listening, the teacher can walk around the child and give a soft reminder. Third, set up the classroom group· Set up a group of 4-8 people. Each group has students with different grades and abilities. On the one hand, they can learn from each other, help each other and urge them. On the other hand, it is convenient for teachers to better manage the classroom. When the student is found to be progressing, the teacher should continually encourage him to inspire his greater potential. When the student regresses, the teacher should know the reason, give more support and trust and believe he or she will make progress in the future. The teacher should adjust the composition of the group based on the student's dynamic performance. This kind of management, with reliable organizational guarantee and strict quality control, can receive the effect of learning, physical and mental progress at the same time. Learning how to manage the classroom is a teacher's skill. Teachers need to pay attention to observing and study the psychological characteristics of young children. In the classroom, learning to guide children through equal communication and educate children and mastering certain methods to manage the classroom will make the English class smoother and more harmonious!