Teach English in Yutang Zhen - Xiangtan Shi

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In examing Business English (BE) as a summative task, a broad overview of the critical content would include the fact that Business English (BE) instruction is a very unique approach that customizes its curriculum for a specific subject matter, and teaches learners with a specific interest. Instead of general knowledge, this tailored approach offers unique instructional solutions and challenges. First, as Business English (BE) instruction can be uniquely customized to fit the specific subject matter needs of the individual learner, it can adapt to changing capabilities and interests. From banking and finance to engineering and technology to medicine and law and more, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) programs can be tailored to focus more narrowly on specific fields of interest to the learner. Instead of teaching generically for basic English knowledge, I learned that these Business English (BE) programs are more focused to specific career fields, and learners target these programs to acquire specific language skills for professional purposes. Second, A comprehensive overview of the relevant content on teaching and learning Business English (BE) would include the fact that teaching Business English effectively requires a specialized approach to teaching, recognizing the unique demographics of the learner (size, age, and skill level). I also learned that teaching Business English (BE) to individuals, large classes, or adult learners require very distinct teaching approaches. Moreover, from audio lingualism to the silent way to grammar translation to task-based learning to Presentation Practice Production (PPP), there are customized approaches to Business English (BE) instruction that highlight disparate approaches to teaching. From reading and writing to speaking and listening, the acquisition of English language skills requires mastery across numerous communication mediums. Third, in terms of Business English (BE) course development, there are a myriad of tools at a teacher’s disposal to teach, test, and assess Business English performance throughout the course. I learned that needs analysis, syllabus design, and assessments all play a critical in formulating an effective, impactful curriculum for English language instruction. From external examinations to course evauations and more, there are reliable, quantifiable benchmarks to assess progress and performance bor both the teacher and learner. These assessments will often reveal ways to improve outcomes for future learners. Fourth, in terms of Business English (BE) instructional materials, there are a broad arrays of educational resources available to ensure English language instruction is optimized in the classroom. Authentic and non-authentic textbook materials in Business English instruction have unique advantages and disadvantages for both the teacher and learner. Business English lesson planning can be significantly affected by the materials chosen to be utilized with a specific group of learners. Business English book resources, whether in paper back or online, must consistently align with the skill capability of the learner in order to be effective and impactful. Finally, as for Business English (BE) teaching themes, there are disparate educational approaches that Business English language instructors can take to present the instructional materials in more engaging and insightful ways to learners. From the use of company reports to case studies and more, there are impactful resources that can used to enhance the effectiveness of a particular lesson plan in Business English. From frameworking to problem-based-learning to games and more, there are a wide varity of resources to both inform and entrtain, thereby creating lifelong learners of the English language. Ultimately, in terms of the Business English (BE) world, there are many useful options for professional development upon completion of Business English (BE) programs. From cultivating the appropriate tools to enhance your resume and professional profile to finding compatible employment to joining relevant associations, there are numerous real-world resources available to help learners capitalize on the new language proficiency to advance their career pursuits. Specific online websites and resources that could be highly helpful to both instructors and learners to accelerate both proficiency and professional development. Business English (BE) is an invaluable resource for language proficiency and career advancement.