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In a large class of 40 or 50 students,it is not easy for teacher to take responsibillity for coordinating the activities,attention and study of so many students.Students are the most rapidly developing people in their life stages.Potential for development and plasticity.How to carry out class management at primary school and improve students' overall quality is an issue every teacher must face.Therefore,it is necessary to make a series of class room management rules. The establishment of rules can make the classroom more orderly and teachers save time and effort.While importanting knowledge,we pay special attention to the management of students and pay attention to the management methods.If the management is not good,it will affect the teachers’lectures,affect the students’ lectures,affect the quality of our teaching.What on earth is conductive to our management of students,what kind of classroom management is successful?A month of work I have some experience. First,understand the students,praise more.Children are sensitive to adult praise and criticism.Praise and criticism are so magical,especially for the thinking of young children in the early years,everyword a teacher can make a different to them,I've also tried,when i cricized a student for not being serious,the others kept telling,and when I said,"let's see who did the best job today,"everyone immediately focused. Second,create a posive and harmonious classroom.Paychology suggests that people are more receptive to things when thay are in a good mood.Therefore,a good classroom atmosphere is very important.We should respect students'personality and creative spirit,get along with them as equals,and stimulate their thirst for knowledge and creation with our trust and concern.In the process of education,the teacher is the leader and the student is the sublect.Teaching and learing are related and dependent on each other.The so -called"teaching and learning benefit each other". Third,rich and flexible teaching methods to stimulate students’ learning.According to the age characteristics of students in the lower grades,interesting things are more likely to attract students'interset and maintain their attention.For those students who are strongly required to memorize things by rote,students tend to execute them mechanically,but they are distracted and unable to concentrate on their study,Therefore,when the whole class is noisy,the teacher should also looked for the reason myself,and that was:was your class attractive enough?Pupils'attention span is not long,the classroom to do a loose one tight,relaxion and balance,is what we should pay attention to. The last one,must treat all students equally.According to the survey of teachers'personallity traits,'fairness and objetivity'is regarded as one of the most important quallities an ideal teacher in students'eyes.They most hope that teachers treat all students equally and do not discriminate between them.They are not satisfied that teachers favor some students or discriminate against others baesd on their personal likes and dislikes.Fairness is the basis for children to trust teachers,and also the basis for teachers to teaching activities. In addition,the teachers'appearance and demeanor,the teacher's own quality,ability,whether the teaching method is flexible,all affect the classroom effect. As the saying goes,"there is a law in teaching,but no definite law in teaching",clasroom management is also ever-changing.We should adopt different management methods accroding to students’ psychology and learning needs.Let students grow up healthily in a comfortable,interesting,fan,happy and free atmosphere.