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5 activities with flashcards its one way to make a class more interesting especially when teaching kids. 1. Missing card – this activity you will have to teach first the words and make sure the kids know the words and when they see the picture they can be able to identify what it is ,so what you have to do is spread all the flash cards on the floor and tell them to look carefully if possible you can read with them the words one more time then after that you tell them to close their eyes then while their eyes are closed you take one flashcard away or two depending on how capable they are ,now you can tell them to open their eyes and ask them what flashcard is missing (what’s missing?) and they will tell you whats missing.It is an interesting activity some kids will be shouting the wrong answer and some will be correcting others like no its this its that so it’s a great one . 2. Jump over- this one you need to be a bit careful depending with the age of the kids ,and this activity is good during practicing a word so you take a flashcard that you are practicing example “dog” so you take the flashcard and call one student to the front of the class then you hold the flashcard and tell the kid to jump over and say dog so you keep raising high and higher after he jumps so first you hold the cards very low so he jumps and say dog then you raise the card a bit higher and he jumps again and say dog higher and higher the kids like it a lot as it goes higher then they compete and see who jumps higher than the rest . 3. Tower building- Here after practicing all the words on the flashcards you can start building a tower by using cups and flashcards ,put one cup down then you call one kid to the front to put the flashcard on top of the cup so the kid will be very careful so that the flashcard doesn’t fall,call another kid to put a cup on top of the flashcard and put a card on top of the cup keep doing that until the tower is tall the kids will be happy because they will be careful so it doesn’t fall when it does they will shout ,scream and be very happy.and will be able to practice at the same time they read the word and build. 4. Sit on the flashcard-You can use this to practice the words take one chair to the front facing the class call one student to the front so what you do is the student has to sit on the flash card but every time she or he tries to sit you pull out the card she will go back when finally sits on the flashcard so whenever she tries to sit you pull out and she says the word its interesting. 5. Pass the flashcard- knock on the board with a marker and the kids pass the card to each other one by one while saying the word on the flash card once you stop hitting the board they stop passing the flashcard the one who will have the flash card stands up and shout out loud the name on the flash card he or she is having ,you can hit the board very fast and they will be passing the card very very fast its fun. 6. Hide and seek- One student close his or her eyes then the rest hide the flashcards then after the kid who's eyes were closed starts looking for the flashcards and the rest of the class counts for her its gives the kid a bit of pressure and the rest are excited since time is running .