Teach English in Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang & S

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Teach English in Haokou Yuanzhongchang, Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang & S
I would rather start by sharing my experience with the combination of teaching and living in several different countries to clarify why I have chosen this topic: In the past, when I was younger, I did not have any interest and was not enthusiastic about learning English, and I remember that I always used to escape from foreign language classes
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Teach English in Haokou Zhen, Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang & S
ESL teachers must acknowledge that it is not equal teaching English Lessons to children, teenagers, and adults, there are some wide differences between the practices used in each case, classroom, population, levels and country where English is taught, on this paper we will check how an ESL lesson may be affected by these variables, and how we could overlap them on the practices used in teenagers and adults English lessons
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