Teach English in FozishAn Zhen - Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang & S

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English is called the global language because it is used as an official language throughout the world. People of different countries and cultures, who speak various different languages, communicate with each other using English. It is the first language in use in countries such as United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand. English is the official language of the United Nations and is used to communicate with leaders of different cultures and nationalities. English is easier to learn than most other languages. It has only 26 alphabets that are used together to form basic words. Teaching of English in elementary schools and colleges is considered essential for students to succeed in their chosen careers. English is the dominant language of science, medicine and research because most documents and research papers are written and published in English. Many professors and scholars travel to other countries to present their research papers and findings. These meetings are always conducted in English as it is the common language understood by the audience. Millions of people in different countries are learning English in order to enhance their careers. A good command of English can provide better job prospects in management, sales and marketing. It can also help employees to seek job opportunities in International companies. English is the universal language of the Internet. All major multi-national companies have a website in English for their customers to shop for products and services. This marketing strategy also helps the company maintain a global presence and attract international customers. Many of these companies also post their job vacancies in English in order to encourage job applicants from different countries to apply online. Internet technology has made learning the English language easier for people around the world. Presently, most schools and colleges offer online English classes to students of all ages and nationalities. Teachers of finance and business classes require students to conduct research about companies on the internet. Most of this data and information on companies is stored in English on financial publications and websites. All aviation personnel across the world are required to learn English in order to use navigation, read maps and charts and understand the international rules of air travel. It is the main language used by pilots all across the world to communicate with air traffic controllers, flight dispatchers and ground personnel. International shipping of freight between different countries is made easier by generating shipping documents (Bills of Lading) in English. Additionally, the Harmonized coding and description system used by customs and government personnel used around the world is written and maintained in English. Most banking documents such as letter of credit, loans and mutual contracts are written by the commercial banks and lending institutions in English. English is the main language used in travel and tourism. Employees of most major hotels and tourist resorts around the world learn English in order to communicate with tourists who need help checking-in, making bookings and reservations and providing travel directions. In every country, all airline and airport personnel who process tickets and travel documents are required to learn English to communicate with passengers who are travelling from different parts of the world. American and British television shows have introduced the English language to every corner of the world. Each year hundreds of movies are made in Hollywood and released throughout the world. Many people watch the daily news in English on television news networks such as the BBC and CNN. The music industry of America and Britain has spread English music to every corner of the world. Millions of people listen to English songs on radio and television and go to concerts to watch their favorite bands play. Many American and British bands have become household names in countries all around the world. As the world’s economy has gone global, many different countries are trading with each other to buy and sell products and services. English is used as the main language to communicate with each other to conduct their business. The rapid development of technology and internet has also helped English to remain the dominant language. Millions of people in countries around the world use English to connect on social media with businesses, clients, friends and family. English is truly the lingua Franca, and will remain the global language for the foreseeable future.