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There are many behaviors and simple acts of conduct that may or may not be considered appropriate in any given circumstance or country. There are multiple examples for specific regions of this world. In this assessment I would like to focus on China. Mandarin being the main language, within which there are multiple dialects. In a way I can see a similarity between the English language and that of China. Taking the major English speaking countries of the world, that’s including the United Kingdom, United States, or any other speaker of English in a first language including Australia. Each and every country has words that if not in slang, are spelt, worded or pronounced differently. This leads me to the following question “What are the problems involved for learners in China”? There are many aspects to this. One of which I believe to be of an extreme importance is that of respect to the students, and the respect that the students have for you. Respect and etiquette appear to be one of the most important aspects of education among many countries specifically Asia, China being no exception. Having different cultures, religions, socioeconomic environments and media are among some of these. Respect I believe is very important not just for the students but parents alike. I believe if respect is lost then so is the student which is unacceptable. There are many ways to gain or earn respect. In such it is of upmost importance that the appropriate attire is worn “Conservative suits for men with subtle colors are the norm” (www.cyborlink.com). Respect comes in many ways to each and every individual on earth therefore I believe cultural understanding is essential. Learning a native speaking language in any country would not be easy. There are many complications not just the languages but also adjusting to the teacher themselves. Media representation and past history may not be the same as given in any designated country to teach, which generally infers to a difference in opinion or ideal. This is not just a problem for learners in another country but teachers alike. This brings me to the topic of materials and available resources, including literature, tools and internet. Having been to China for a travelling holiday you can quickly see the dramatic change from Beijing to the outer provinces. Each and every one of these would have access to different resources, many of which would not have the usage of a library or the internet. Sadly enough some not even clean water. Therefore I will explain in my conclusion my thoughts on exactly what it would be like to learn Mandarin in Australia, It would have very many of the same and also inverse reactions. I strongly believe that in any country that small advantages may not be advantageous at all and that in some cases can become quite detrimental to learning. When referring to specific countries or regions, wealth and the availability of resources are of extreme importance to education. That being said there are many complications and difficulties in Australia for English speaking learners including family, friends, respect, sexism, racism or any other faculties of life. Teaching in China would and shall be different to teaching in Australia, the learning also goes both ways. Therefore I will say education is not an easy task for both the learner and educator in any circumstance.