Teach English in Lushi Zhen - Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang & S

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In my opinion the most important role of the teacher is a provider of information, and all other roles are needed to help students absorb that information effectively. To prove my point let's take a look to major roles. Provider of information is a traditional role of the taecher. Teacher gives lessons on a pacticular subjects such as grammar, parts of speech, pronunciation, etc. He builds up the understanding of English language in general and moves students toward even deeper knowledge and fluency. Manager and controller is a role that teacher uses most of the time when he is in charge of the class, given explanations and reading aloud. It's an important role for managing the activities that will take place in the classroom. Organizer is one of the most important roles, because theacher frequently has to organize students to do various activities. And its really important to organize them in a correct way for particular activity, because some of them requires group work, and others are more effective in pair work. Also this role is vital to plane the lesson correctly, to cover all stages of a lesson and give all information as planned. Assesor and prompter are important roles for building rapport with students and incouraging them. But, as this course taught me, teacher has to be careful with those roles, he needs to know when to give a feedback and how to help students to not loose a thread of what they want to say, but not take the initiative away from them. Tutor is a role, that teacher takes when students are working individually and need some guidance and encouragement. As all other roles, tutor role requires sensitivity and equal attention to all students. Resourse or Facilitator is a role often employed by teacher when student are participating in activities, and in that case teacher completely withdraws from the activity and leave students to participate without any interuption. However, teacher still is available as a resource, in case if students need any assistance. Role Model. Students look to teachers as examples professional adults. They often have more contact with their teachers than their own parents, so its important for teacher to always reflect a positive image and show respect, trust and responsibility. Also teacher often is the only source of real English that students has ever encountered, as well as knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and thats make teacher a role model for students. Observer and monitor are roles that teacher wish to employ when he wants to monitor what is going on in the classroom. It gives teacher an information on how the activity goes and how long will it take for students to complete it. It is important for teacher to maintain distance and just hear the spoken work and control a progress of the activity. All the roles above are vital for teacher to provide the best environment and atmosphere in the classroom for students. Teacher himself has to have a good base of English, knowledge of teaching methods and techniques. And I think with knowledge of when and how take on that roles, the teacher will provide information to students at his best.