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Can a non native speaking English be a TEFL teacher? Generally employers will consider candidates from Us, Canada, England and Australia for their hiring position. Therefore this may imply some difficulty to whom is trying to establish a career teaching path. The answer to the question is YES! Despite all the difficulty a non native may encounter, the knowledge and experience can be proven by bringing new tasks and way of learning English in an interesting manner. One advantages of being a non native English speaking is using a learner model; in general a non native will face a lot of difficulties while learning English and using their experience in the context of teaching , they have a high level of understanding pertaining problems faced by students and how they can be overcome. Effective teachers are those who uses their skills for effective teaching. Another aspect to consider is the level of the learners in the classroom. If students have a poor comprehension of the target language, most likely a bilingual teacher can better relate especially if he or she has been raised in the same culture of the class. This could be very beneficial and offering a deeper understanding in grammatical aspect. It is extremely important to learn English as a second language, however if a non native teacher is qualified, and has an excellent English abilities can be just as valuable as a native speaking teacher. Accent should not be an issue unless interferes with understandable pronunciation. In fact this can apply to native and non native speakers alike, as an example can be a person coming from Scotland can have a different accent form someone coming from London. a non native speaker who can have an understandable and clear pronunciation for the students. For a successful outcome teachers should work as a team. Native and non native can share their skills and abilities in order to make a great team and develop a good workin relationship. Establish a good rapport with students is crucial. It will create a cohesive and effective learning environment no matter where you come from. Being confident and enthusiastic will help to understand students' needs and be able to make learning fun. Fundamentally, there will always be a good and a bad teachers irrespective of their first language or culture. Therefore, teachers' ability to engage and motivate students and their effectiveness in providing them with the platform to develop their English skills. In additions a professional non native English teacher can be in many ways a helpful model for the students when it comes to what works and what doesn't, since they have been through the same process of learning a second or more languages. This can be particularly important for beginner students who require more directions in their studies. Taking a non native teacher as a role model for students, perhaps could be the best way to assure themselves the they can also achieve fluency if they work on it. Although the teacher represent what the English learners want to achieve.