Teach English in Songbai Zhen - Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang & S

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As we often say that you can always find something to learn from the people who are around you.This view is for the learners.But as a teacher we should have more and more skills to teach our learners.Teaching skills is complex and comprehensive.Obviously learning teaching skills is important,especially for newer teachers.There are a lot of teaching skills in classroom that we must care.But we can not care all of them. As a teacher the most importance is caring about your teaching.So we are required to play lots of roles depending on the different activities in the class.I think acting a role is a basic teaching skill for all of teachers.We always find us having to organize students to do various activities.At this time we are an organizer.This role is more essential to have an effective class. When we take on the role of controller,we would be in charge of the class and the activity.This is necessary to inspire students.But pay attention of being overused.Sometimes students are confused of their answers.They need the teachers to evaluate and give feedback.In this situation we are an assessor.We can provide some supports to them and guide them to have an satisfied answer.There are some times when students become stuck for idea.We should act as a prompter encouraging them gently to overcome the trouble.At some stages of the lesson teachers need to participate in the lesson as equal as a student.The teachers play a role of a participant in this stage.This is able to liven activities up from the inside of the group and make teacher to have a rapport between students .Tutor is a personal role for teachers.This role will often be employed when students are working individually and need some guidance and support.This is very useful to help the students who are not good at English.There must be the time when teachers want to leave students to participate in tasks without any interruption or interference.Teachers need to act as a facilitator in case students require some guidance.It’s very easy to understand that teachers usually act as a model in class,especially in the lessons about the pronunciation.Teachers will be a monitor during the course of a lesson.They want to know what is going on in the class.The teachers can get some information to help them continue the class later. We have talked about many roles of teachers in the classroom.However which role we should be and when we take on are really important.Please remember the role that we employ is going to depend on the type of activities.If we are well aware of all roles that teachers can employ,we can switch between these roles appropriately.Handling this teaching skill in classroom will start our teaching career. There is another teaching skill in classroom for me which is an essential method to build an effective lesson .It’s called ‘ESA’-Engage,Study and Activate.This approach gives the teacher a number of flexibility in the class.And it can give teachers a clear teaching thought for their lesson.The new teachers can also get more benefits from ESA. The Engage phase of a lesson is like a warmer.At this part we should warm up students and get them to involve in class.We should not teach them anything excepting for engaging them in this stage. Students will focus on the the point and the construction of the language in study stages .This will start with elicitation.And then there are some exercises to strengthen.Teachers need to know the point and construction of the language must be conclude in Study stages. In fact Activate means the stage where the students should produce English by using all of language they know.The teachers should concentrate on the fluency rather than the accuracy of language. These three ESA elements should all be used in most lessons to balance activities for students.Of course these three ESA elements are able to use in any order the teacher wants.But don’t forget the principles for each of them. Most teachers are enthusiastic to acquire teaching skills.Because it can help us to have a good class.In my opinion there is not a specific teaching skills in the classroom.We have to gain from our own class.Then we will have useful teaching skills to apply.