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What outdoor activities can help teaching English? I would like to say that there are plenty of outdoor activities that are effective to teach English. However, many teachers prefer indoor activities rather than outdoor, as they think that it might distract the students. Nonetheless, outdoor activities can increase their motivation for learning. Also, it helps to decrease their stress level, as they do not have to stay in the classroom as usual. The first outdoor activity is free writing time. Teacher should take the students to park or garden, where they can absorb the freshness of the season and the beauty of nature that surrounds them. After that, teacher should let them observe the surroundings, and ask them to describe what they saw or ask them to write a letter to future self, and in the letter, they should include their feeling, what they saw and how was the weather. Furthermore, teacher should tell them what tense they should use to write a letter, for instance present tense, it can help them to practice different tenses and teacher can also figure out how well they know about the tense. Also, this activity can improve their writing skills and helps the students to capture this memorable moment. The second activity is flash card game. Teacher should prepare different types of animal's flash card, such as chameleon, bird, cat and so on, and place it on the floor. After that, ask students to sit in circle as it helps develop positive relationship between students, each time ask two students to come out to play the game. After that, teacher should say the characteristic or adjective that describes the animal, such as it changes the color, fur etc, and students should jump on the card that they think is correct. Similarly, teacher can also design vocab flash card, what students have to do is same as above, they have to jump on the card that has an opposite meaning of the vocab that teacher said. It helps to commit new idea to memory, and also it teaches new vocabulary in a really fun way. The third outdoor activity is 'stand up if you've ever' game. This game is best to teach present perfect tense. In this game, students will have to sit in circle. After that, teacher should demonstrate the game first by using an example, for instance stand up if you've ever cheated in an exam. After demonstration, ask the students to think of five experiences, and each time ask one student to stand at the center, and ask the students if they have ever experienced something, and the students who have experienced it, should stand up. However, the rule is that student must use present perfect tense or else it does not count. This activity is to practice present perfect tense and can aslo establish rapport as students are sharing their life experiences with eachother. In conclusion, free writing, flash card game and stand up if you've ever game is really helpful to teach English. These activities will not only improve their writing skills or teach them more vocabulary but will also keep students engaged and establish rapport. Therefore, teacher should also plan outdoor activities for students more frequently.