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Teaching is a kind of art,so the teacher plays very important role in the whole class.I have been teaching adults English for two years.So according to my teaching experience and my study ,I know a good teacher should has her own personality,also a good teacher needs to have a good relationship with the students.If we want to be an excellent teacher that most students love to join in our classes,we need to be kind and patient ,because we may meet different students,some of them may easy to teach,some of them may have a bad foundation,during this situation we need to be very patient,try to motivate the learners.A teacher who doesn’t love teaching can’t give good classes to the learners,so teachers should have a good subject knowledge,love teaching,have good rapport and interaction with the class.Before the class teacher should have a good preparation,think about what questions the students might meet during their study.We are not only a teacher but also good friend for students.So we must pay attention to all our students,involve all our students equally throughout the lesson.Students have their self respects,when correcting them we should not offend or affect their motivation.We can’t meet the same students,so can’t treat the students in the same way,as a good teacher we should know students’ weaknesses and try to help them,give them individually attention. The teachers have different roles during the class.First they need to organize the class.I think teachers can try to be a manager,we can be comfortable with this role,believe we can inspire the students .It’s not very good that the teacher control all the class,this way the students may loose their creativity.During the classes,the teachers have a lot of things to do,they need to give instructions,organize pair work,give feedback.So teachers play the organizer role,this role is very important,because if the class is not well organized,students might be confused about the class activities. Usually our students are not very sure about whether they produce the correct English,during this time they will ask the teachers .So in this situation we plays the assessor role .The assessor role of the teacher is vitally important,as a teacher I should fair and consistent with all the students as well as being very sensitive to students reaction,because students are very keen to find out whether or not they are right,this role will give them confident in English. During the class we may have this situation,the students afraid of what to say.What we need to do is encourage the students ,let them take the initiative.Promote our students to speak English and not their native language,we need to play the prompter role.Sometimes the teacher can also join in the class activities,like “find someone who”,if we join in the activity,we will tell more information about us,in this way we can try to build a good relationship with the students.In the class, our students can face a lot of problems.We need to be a tutor,give them some guidance and support or when they are working in pairs and we stop briefly to give encouragement.All our students are equal,so we should give equal attention to all our students. As a teacher,we design the activities that allow the students to get on with the process of learning a language for themselves.We may often want the students to participate in tasks without any interruption,however teacher still need be the resource or facilitator.We should be available as a resource in case the students require any assistance or guidance.But we had better resist the temptation to spoon-feed. In my class, some of the students are low level students.They don’t have enough knowledge about English,but they really have the desire to learn English well.So as the teacher, I am the only source of real,live English the students has ever encountered.I will teach them on English grammar,vocabulary and pronunciation.I will be the model for my students.I have particular responsibility and authority in the eyes of the learners.Sometimes when we give a task for our students to do,we will monitor what is going on in the classroom.We will be the observer or monitor of the class.In this role ,we can have the information on how long an activity is likely to take and how successful it has been.When observe we can’t always stand far from our students,we may also need to move a little,we can hear the spoken work or to look at the writing in the class, in this way we can monitor the class effectively. We have known how to be a good teacher and the roles to take and when to take the role.If we want to be an excellent teacher we also need to know how to engage our students.We also need to use our mime,gesture and our voice to get our students attention. As a teacher we can play lots of roles,but which role we are going to play,it will depend on the type the activity and what we we want our students to achieve.Some stages of the lesson,we may need to lead,like the study phase,we need to elicit the new words or sentence structure.Some of the class stages will require teachers withdraw role,like the activity or communication part,we need to give students more time to practise.Try to be a friend with our students.When my students have some problems with their daily life or emotion ,I will talk with them as a friend.I will try to analyze the problems ,give them appropriate advises .We can find when they solve their personal issues,they will focus on their study quickly.Their study outcome will also improve a lot. We can not only help them in their English study,but also help them with their daily life,it will be better to be the psychologist for the students. It’s very important for us to have the ability to switch the roles,and try our best to give our students a good class.