Teach English in Baiquan Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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I have learned a lot from this course. Before, I was having a hard time constructing sentences since I was really confused with the tenses, but now, I can say that I have the confidence to write articles and speak in front of everybody else. I have the confidence to teach and I have acquired lots of ideas in lesson planning and teaching. I am very much excited to teach my first lesson in class. This September 26, 2010, I will be taking the Licensure examination for teachers here in the philippines. Since, my disadvantage is that I have no experience in teaching. Hence, I enrolled in this course and I will take up the exam to become a Professional teacher. After I passed the exam, I will following my husband in Jeddah, saudi arabia where he is based and from then on, I will be looking for a preschool where can I teach and apply what I have learned from this course.