Teach English in Xinxiang Shi

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Teach English in Beiyunmen Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
This course has done nothing but surprise me! I have had some experience in teaching/playing and I have seen plenty of examples of poor tuition techniques (my children go to a spanish state school where teaching methods are demoralizing and boring)
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Teach English in Changcun Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
Well I?ve learned a lot about english, like the grammatical side, because since being a english native speaker but then having done my early years of school in english then the later years in italian a lot of grammar stuff I either had learned but forgotten or had never learned, so that was very helpful
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Teach English in Chenqiao Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
The most useful knowledge I gained from this course is related to lesson planning, classroom management, activity stage teaching ideas (particularly when grammar is taught) and usage of teaching material
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Teach English in Dakuai Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
At the beginning of the course I was the most excited to learn about how to deal with student-teacher dynamics, but after now almost completing the course, I have to say that the thing that I?m most grateful for would have to be the repeated lesson planning
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Teach English in Dongfeng Nongchang, Xinxiang Shi
I have gained a lot throughout the 20 lessons: a solid base in english (like various verb forms), different methods to teach english to different groups of students, what to expect from different groups of students under different circumstances (students from different cultures, students in different levels, business students, etc
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Teach English in Houhe Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
This course has helped me create more efficient lesson plans and gain a better understanding of the english language that were learned all throughout grade school; most of which were forgotten or never learned
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