Teach English in Beiyunmen Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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This course has done nothing but surprise me! I have had some experience in teaching/playing and I have seen plenty of examples of poor tuition techniques (my children go to a spanish state school where teaching methods are demoralizing and boring). Whilst a lot of the information I found to be obvious, I was thrilled to see it being taught! I have had no formal training in teaching and was not expecting to find a course so student orientated, and so empowering for the students and teachers alike. The mutual respect aspect was reassuring. Having said that I found a lot of the information obvious, that is not to say I was applying the information to my teaching! I?m utterly thrilled at the thought of now applying it and having even more amazing classes. The most important aspect I will try to apply is reducing teacher talk time and eliciting responses from the students. As a particularly chatty person I will find this difficult! The ESA structure I feel will be invaluable in keeping my students engaged and the planning will be invaluable to my organization and producing of a structured, well designed lesson. There has been plenty of advice on situations I have as yet not experienced which I look forward to referring to should the need arise in the future. In the past I have taken (I thought ) advantage of the fact that I have spoken my students native language, now however I fully acknowledge the value of TEFL practice and the view held that speaking english ONLY is the best way forward. I look forward to putting this into practice. Actually, possibly the funniest thing about how I intend to apply this course is that I intend to try using these techniques AT HOME WITH MY CHILDREN!!!! It?s just possible that this tefl course won?t just make me a better teacher but a better mum too! Listening more, eliciting information and not just giving it, patience etc. etc!