Teach English in Bobi Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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Honestly, I never thought that I have the ability and qualification to be a language teacher before. Thanks ITTT for offering this certificate course which gave me an opportunity to have a touch onto this field and also taught me the essential teaching skills on how to become a good teacher. The course material explains a lot of language knowledge, like the parts of speech, tenses and grammars, which are often being misused or neglected by english speakers nowadays. It also teaches us how to prepare for lessons, what to do to manage the classroom and how to build up relationship with students. Despite all the language concepts and teaching skills I have learnt from this course, the most profound impact to me was to know that teaching is not only about the teacher?s skills, but also about the people you teach and their culture. In unit 5, it points out that some problem behaviors in classroom are in fact the result of family issues or personal low self-esteem. Only teacher has a good rapport with students can understand the true reason causing the problem and solve it in a better way instead of blaming students for their faults. And especially thanks to my tutor Darren who shared his own teaching experiences with me. His experience of teaching in thailand made me to understand that teaching aids and materials are very limited in some countries, and teacher should make use of the resources they have in hand rather than relying on the high technology which make students to feel sorry about what they lacking of. In December, I will join an organisation in china to teach english in a primary school in Sichuan for two weeks. This school was rebuilt after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquakes and has very limited resources. Some of these children and families are still suffering from the pain and loss of the earthquakes. I will be able to apply what I have learnt from the courses as well as the other skills I have developed from teaching experience. This experience will give me the opportunity to teach classes from pre-school level to year 12 children for four hours a day. It will no doubt give me a life changing experience as well as the start of my teaching career. And I hope this trip can show the Sichuan people that we do care about them, and wish to open their eyes to see a bigger world.