Teach English in Changcun Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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Although I am a native english speaker, I have learnt a lot about my own language, and approaching everything from a completely different angle. I have learnt that from growing up I just took what I learnt about grammar/syntax etc for granted, and that there is actually some logic behind the english language. Having already had a teaching experience with primary school children, it was great to expand from that, adapting lessons to older students/higher levels, and realizing the vast amount that there is to actually teach in order for people to become proficient in a language. Not only did I take the course in order to cement my teaching experience and to obtain something formal to reflect my experience, I am interested in teaching, and I would like to study further (as I have an education in business, teaching business english), and not only using that in my career, but also having the possibility of further teaching now that I am based in Europe (originally coming from australia). The information that I have learned will greatly help me in my current position, particularly being a rare native english speaker, and ensuring that the best and correct english is used.