Teach English in Chenqiao Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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The most useful knowledge I gained from this course is related to lesson planning, classroom management, activity stage teaching ideas (particularly when grammar is taught) and usage of teaching material. I can clearly understand now how important the lesson planning is. Solid preparation before the lesson starts will help not only a teacher but also his/her students. The teacher will be able to use the time wisely, to teach all the objectives during the study stage, to organize speaking activity or game so that each student can participate equally. For students, lesson will be much easier to follow when a good lesson preparation is done. I?ll do my best to be fully prepared and to write lesson plan before my each lesson. Another important teaching knowledge I?ve obtained during this course considers managing classes. I strongly believe that advice and suggestions I read in TEFL units and which are related to teacher?s behavior, voice, gestures and mimes etc? are essential and must be learned by all people who are thinking of becoming teachers. Not knowing what attitude to take during your lesson can cause a lot of problems and affect lesson quality greatly. Also, the ways of grouping students and arranging the class, is something new that I?ve learned through this course. Teaching grammar is considered to be one of the most boring tasks for many teachers. The problem occurs due to lack of teaching ideas for activate stage. This is what I had most fun with, while working on TEFL units! Tips I?d read encouraged and stimulated me to search more. And all this awoke my own creativity too. Internet is inexhaustible source of useful information regarding teaching ideas. Also various materials that can be found in bookstores can be really helpful for inexperienced teachers. Thanks to this course I?ve learned how to make a grammar lessons fun and enjoyable! I?ll make all possible efforts to use ideas for activate stage in a way that will stimulate not only my students? but also my own desire to learn more. Usage of teaching materials, creating your own, finding authentic materials, combining course books with all other possible sources of teaching methods and ideas, is another unique and new knowledge I?ve attained while studying for this course. I will try to use this knowledge in a way which will provide good balance of grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, phonetics etc? I won?t rely too much on course books only. I?ll try to always add something more from some other resources, so that my students wouldn?t feel bored or tired of one lesson pattern. I am aware that being a teacher means constant learning and improving your skills in the classroom. Continual changes of activities and varied approached are key to a successful lesson. I?ll try not to run out of good ideas and positive energy and to be as imaginative as possible. Now that I am nearly at the end of this course, I feel much more confident and prepared for a teaching job. I?ll do my best to follow all the good and useful information I?ve read and absorbed during the tefl course.