Teach English in Dingluan Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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One of the most important things that I have learned, still learn, are the tenses. As not a native speaker of english I can understand quite well the details that are difficult for a not native speaker of english. It is great, that we can read about all of the tenses in one book becouse it makes the study easier. I continually create sentences for practice and try to develop in this area. The same method can be used in the classroom in the future. I can explain them clearer and simpler, giving many example sentences. I've learned many useful activities in every phase and the pourposes of the phases. There can be made a difference between them and find the balance. I started to go on quicker with the worksheets when I realized that there are two enemies of any study: boredom and monotony. When I notice boredom or monotony it is time to change to another activity or stand up and do something else; keep it dynamic. Correction is also very important. When, how, who? That students can correct each other and I need to correct them in the study phase only. The lesson plan is also a great tool in the hand of a teacher. I am going to continue making the same, though in the moment with a four and a five years old kids I can not work out such plans, counted every minutes and the activities one after another, but it is still useful becouse I am well prepared with all kinds of activities that can be varied according to the needs of the kid. And lastly the worksheets were also fine. My experience is that not hard but continual tests and practices are good becouse students constantly occupied with the lesson and familiar with its material. The same can be used in the classroom in the future.