Teach English in FAngli Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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This course was a great incentive to re-learn past, present and future tenses. This is the foundation of learning english grammar and it was very beneficial to re-study these subjects. In order to communicate in the english language, knowing the past, present and future tenses is essential for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. This I found was very important to re-learn and review. I also found the teaching activities very beneficial as well. Being a first time teacher is difficult to make the class interesting and not stuffy. Being able to apply fun activities to the english learning experience is quite important and motivational for a student. By applying fun learning activities, students will be learning topics, grammar, and vocabulary without even realizing it. I also found the variety of ESA planning/agendas extremely productive and beneficial. I know that having a course syllabus is very useful as well, but to have a daily lesson plan helps to further organize a teacher. It?s really a great way to organize myself and the class materials. Learning about the straight line, patchwork and boomerang ESA plans were very productive and enlightening to me. Also being over prepared rather than under prepared really aids the teacher?s credibility with their students. Having a disorganized or under prepared teacher would gain the confidence of their students. By having a lesson plan, teachers can avoid any unnecessary pauses or under preparations in the class.