Teach English in FanxiAng Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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From this course, I have gained knowledge as to how to make a lesson plan. Although I was already using and reading them before I started the course, having a set structure for making plans is useful. It is a really good way of organizing my thoughts, especially regarding potential problems that I or the students might have and how to go about addressing them. I am already using plans more often, and being more detailed when I do them. Moreover, the explanation of the different stages of a lesson was also particularly useful for me as, although I have been doing lessons in a similar structure without thinking about those factors for a long time, it was useful to have a proper explanation and reasoning for this and I know am more aware of the different aims and focus that I need during each section of the lesson. I have also gained knowledge about TEFL in different situations to mine. At present, I only teach fairly low level students between the ages of 6 and 14 but this course has covered a broader spectrum of ages and levels which I might potentially teach in the future. Having the opportunity to consider the different challenges of the other groups will be invaluable if I take another TEFL job in the future or if my job expands to other roles. I now feel I have some good ideas for activities with higher level students which I would like to try out if I have the opportunity. Most importantly for me, I feel I have learnt a lot about english grammar. Although I have studied the grammar of other languages in depth, I have never looked at english grammar in this way. Often in the past, the non- native english speaking teachers that I work with, as well as students, have asked me numerous questions about certain grammar points which I have struggled to find an answer for aside from ?erm, because it is.? Knowing more about our grammar has made me feel more confident in explaining some things. The information provided within this course was very valuable but obviously only skimmed the surface. Having completed it, I feel inspired to further learn about english grammar. Although at the moment my job does not involve explaining grammar (this is done mostly in the native language by my coworkers), it would certainly be beneficial for all, and for me in a potential solo teacher role in the future, to be more confident regarding such matters.