Teach English in GuojiAhuaxueyuwulidianyuan Chanyeyuan - Xinxiang Shi

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My TEFL experience has provided me with a sound knowledge base of the english Grammar System and a working knowledge of how to teach and handle difficult classroom situations. Through my experience of living in italy it has become ever apparent that, generally speaking, english speakers are rather poor when it comes to their knowledge of the grammar system. italians, for example, study grammar throughout their School Education years and it is mandatory that they also couple this with another language. Before beginning my tefl course, I found it very difficult to learn italian because I wasn't familiar with the grammatical terms being referred to in class. Now, I can say I not only understand the basics of the english Grammar system, but that I also have improved with my italian as I can appreciate the grammatical concepts I previously struggled with. I have not only re-learnt these concepts, but become familiar with how to effectively teach them and I hope that this will set the stones for a successful and rewarding career doing so, I have been working as an english Teacher in rome for the past eight weeks and so I have been able to put my knowledge into use. I have at times found myself teaching material I have not yet fully wrapped my head around, but I have discovered that generally you only do this once. That is to say, though the first time you explain a grammar point you may not have a lot of confidence, by the second you will soar. I have discovered this for example with teaching conditionals, as by the second time I taught them, I felt clearer, more prepared for potential confusion and questions that may arise and more capable of both explaining their use and providing relevant examples.