Teach English in LiuguAng Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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I realised through the tefl course that perhaps I?ve been taking the language I have spoken all my life for granted and that it is in fact quite a deal more complicated than thought previously. I realised the time and work which must be put into the preparation of materials, notes and lesson planning, as well as additional props and aids and how they will be used. TEFL has shown me that a teacher must make use of the different types of lesson plan; the straight line method, the boomerang method and the patchwork method, in order to vary lessons for the students and to keep things interesting. It helped me to think outside the box more and developed my skills with people through its notes on dealing with different kinds of students and clients. TEFL showed me how there are differences in approach to teaching a monolingual class and a multilingual class, for example, a multilingual class will have different kinds of cultural disadvantages toward pronouncing english, according to the alphabet systems students have and the traditional pronunciations of their own languages. The course seemed to indicate that students will respond better to lessons if they are allowed input and if their interests and hobbies are incorporated into lessons. From the course I have gained an understanding of the many methods, techniques and intricacies found in the profession of teaching english to international people. I have gained the knowledge of TEFL professionals on how to teach beginners, the more proficient, children and business people. I got a video insight into the do?s and do not?s of teaching a class. I was filled in with advice on all areas of teaching, from the teaching of vocabulary, to the teaching of past, present and future verbs, to the different methods used in teaching individuals as opposed to groups. Of course I have also gained the additional benefit of having this qualification on my curriculum vitae for future employment prospects. What I plan to use my TEFL Qualification for remains to be seen at the moment, however I could certainly see myself going to spain to teach students there, or perhaps I could follow in the footsteps of a cousin of mine and teach in the Far East. The qualification will open the world for me that bit more and provide an interesting form of employment in the future. As I am currently in the first year of a four-year hotel and catering course, it is hard to see just yet where I will go when I get a hunger to teach others in faraway places. But I look forward to it, as I believe that I would enjoy the social and cultural aspects of it, as well as the challenge. ?Travel broadens the mind? as they say and I love to travel, so naturally such a convenient, international qualification will grant me the licence to do so.