Teach English in Mancun Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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This course has been very useful for me. It has given me confidence in teaching grammar and in making me reflect on different approaches for different types of groups that I will encounter (monolingual, multilingual, beginner, intermediate etc). I have found the lesson planning and thinking about the Engage, Study and Activate stages particularly beneficial and I always think about using each of these stages within any class. I live in Nice in the south of france a very busy and thriving part of france, just next to Monaco a centre of international banking. It is a hub for many different nationalities, American, British, italian, australian, Russian, German and Dutch... and the main international business language is english! Consequently there is a great demand for people learning english, mostly for professional purposes but also for social reasons. I have already started working for a business school based on previous work experience as Head of Training for British Sky Broadcasting and having a TEFL qualification gives me a great foundation to build on and I'm sure will help to open other doors in the future.