Teach English in Nancun Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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The major benefits that I really have gained from this course is that it was a good revision for my four years university grammar course ( tenses, present, past, future, conditional, phrasal verbs, clauses, adjectives, adverbs, verbs etc, and methods of teaching english as a second language. It also gave me insights how to deal with my class, how to arrange it, how to stand and move in, how to use the space, as well as, my body to control my class as a whole. In addition, it enlightened my way in dealing with students from different levels, ( beginners, elementary, pre- intermediate, intermediate, advanced, adults etc ) regardless of their cultures, and their linguistic backgrounds( monolingual, multilingual). This course broadened my knowledge in dealing with materials of teaching (authentic, teacher made, internet resources, dictionaries etc ) and equipments needed for that(DVD, cameras videos, HOP, laptop etc). it was so beneficial for me. I think of adapting these methods and techniques in my classes to make it work better. I am also thinking of adapting high tech in my teaching to make my career look better and let my students learn in a modern way that pleases them and makes them learn positively at the same way.