Teach English in Nanzhai Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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I have learned a lot from this course, especially when it comes to grammar. I've always thought my grammar was pretty good, but learning it again in a way that helps me be able to teach it to others has been very helpful. I still think that before I actually start teaching the grammar I will have to study it more thoroughly, but at least now I feel comfortable that I could actually teach someone the rules of the grammar structures without just saying "because it sounds right." I also feel more prepared for designing a lesson plan and getting up in front of a class and presenting that lesson plan to the class. I feel as though I know better how to match activities best for certain language levels and for content. Currently I am an assistant language teacher in spain and working in a spanish High School. Doing these units and TEFL studying has certainly helped me during the classes. I plan to continue to do one more year as an assistant language teacher to get more practice and confidence in the class before trying to look for a TEFL job either here in spain or in different countries around the EU.