Teach English in Nong Kesuo - Xinxiang Shi

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The TESSOL Course I have joined was very successful, beneficial and fruitful for me. I have learned lots of things from it such as the following and as well as I will bring them in action in my practical teaching classes. 1. I have learned some important grammatical points which will be very important for me while I am teaching them to my students. 2. I have learned many teaching skills. 3. I have learned the classroom management. I mean I will be able to manage my classes very well. 4. I some important information about the phonetics. 5. I have learned learning modes: young learner vs adults. 6. I have learned how to teach vocabulary. 7. I have learned how to teach one to one and how to teach group students. 8. The difference between one to one and groups 9. I learned how to arrange my lesson plan. 10. Establishing rapport between the students and as well as between the teacher and students. 11. I have learned how to make discipline in the classroom. 12. Managing equipments and teaching aids. 13. I have learned how to motivate the students in the class. 14. Correction techniques 15. The three important stages of teaching (ESA). 16. Evaluation and testing of the students 17. Teaching different level students 18. Teaching monolingual vs multilingual groups 19. How to build confidence in students 20. Troubleshooting- how to solve problems of the students. And so many other things??