Teach English in Qijie Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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Throughout this course I have gained a much greater appreciation for the english language and a better understanding of grammar. It will significantly help me to improve my english teaching skills as I have learnt the importance of involving all skills in lessons. That is, I have often found myself struggling to teach pronunciation and grammar and rather have opted to simply teach the students vocabulary, hoping they will develop grammar skills as their english develops. This course, however, has given me an appreciation for the necessity of all these skills, and the resources and understanding in how to teach these skills to EFL students. Furthermore, this course has given me a range of ideas in teaching. I had not previously thought of so many different activate activities, and rather have mostly focused on the study phase of the lesson. I now have a better understanding of how important the activate stage of the lesson is in developing the students language skills. I have also developed a greater understanding of different teaching methods, resources and skills, particularly in terms of critiquing students and adapting lessons to appeal to different students needs and interests. This has helped me to develop more engaging lessons, and ensure the students are confident and comfortable, whilst still receiving critique and developing their skills. Finally, I have developed a confidence in teaching and a passion for EFL. I now feel more confident in the classroom and confident in my ability to help the students in their understanding of english. This course has shown me the importance of EFL teaching and the way I personally can impact many student?s lives. I hope to use the knowledge and skills I have gained in this course to benefit the students I teach.