Teach English in Qiliying Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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This course has really helped me focus on improving my knowledge on grammar and provided me with different examples of how to teach it to students without it being too tedious! The teaching side of things has also been complemented very well by covering the variety of problems that may arise in a classroom and how to deal with them. I?ve also learnt a lot from writing up lesson plans, particularly because it helps highlight any gaps in your plan that you haven?t noticed or thought about. I hope to put into action writing lesson plans in future, and I also intend on reading up on grammar further to broaden and strengthen my knowledge in that area. I will also be reading up further on problems within a classroom, because this is an area that varies according to so many things including the age of your students, your teaching location, motivational factors etc. I feel that discovering the experiences of other teachers will be immensely useful in this regard.