Teach English in Shanglecun Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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I teach KG2 to Grade 3 students in the middle east. They mainly follow American/Canadian/British or australian curriculums in the government and private/international schools. In most schools the children speak Arabic as a first language and maybe french or another language as a second language and english as a third language (if you lucky as a second language). I found it very difficult to teach a language as a first language (the curriculums are designed for first language speakers) to a second/third language student. This course has helped me to combine the American, etc. curriculum with the TEFL/TESOL strategies, information and activities. I especially enjoyed doing the ESA lesson planning. Although there are quite a few websites where you can download lesson plans and activities, I had to apply my previous teaching knowledge to produce my own lessons. I enjoyed receiving the neat and well-presented units and the valuable feedback I got from my tutor. I am planning to encourage my colleagues to study a TEFL/tesol course as I believe it will benefit them in their planning and teaching.