Teach English in Sunxingcun Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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I gained a lot of knowledge of what teaching consists of. I never took any kind of education classes in college so this was pretty much all new material for me and I know that I have already used some of the techniques learned in this course. I have a 4 year old sister, about to turn 5, who asks me for help with things and we play games and do puzzles together all the time. I know that giving her answers and doing everything for her won't help her so I use some of the teaching techniques to get her to try to teach herself. Right now, I am teaching her how to change the TV channel to her specific channels, she already knows how to count but gets confused about numbers in the 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. She knows those numbers but gets confused when trying to read them so that?s what I'm helping her with. The previous chapter stated that teaching children is very rewarding which I can say is true with the few things I have taught my little sister, most of it is stupid little things outside of the class but it's fun to see her use what I taught her. This is how I am already using what I've learned and I would love to use this in a classroom setting with numerous other kids.