Teach English in Taiping Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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I have really enjoyed the course. I found it to be varied and at times quite challenging. It also goes over the same formula several times (Engage, Study, Activate) and therefore by the end I felt I had a good grounding in lesson planning and would have the confidence to teach a class. Although english is my mother tongue, looking back I did not have the necessary tools to teach the language which I have now acquired having taken the TEFL online course. I really enjoyed working with a Tutor and the online course gave me the freedom to work when I had time at a good steady pace without too much pressure but a sense that there was always a deadline to keep. I was particularly interested in Unit 19 which gave a description of the different types of classes. I am bilingual french/english and live in france and am planning to teach business english. I have a background in international advertising sales and therefore a good knowledge of the pressures facing international business executives who have little time to learn a language. I totally empathize with the tiredness many business people will face learning a new language, and very often it will not be their choice to learn but a requirement of their company. This will also affect their level of motivation, so coupled with the tiredness/external pressures they face ? this could be a very challenging group to teach! There probably also isn?t a text book available and so I will need to be highly creative in putting together a syllabus. I feel that I now have the confidence and skills to take on this challenge. I am going to look into working with small and medium size companies based in my area to offer my services as an english teacher.