Teach English in XinxiAng Jingji KAifAqu - Xinxiang Shi

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This course has given me the knowledge to be able to plan my lessons based on the Engage, Study, Activate method so that my students are getting the most out of their classes. This allows me to adapt the lessons provided from the course book to this method so that my students do not get bored with the repetition of the course book but still have the structure of using it. This course has given me a review of english grammar which is very helpful to show me what I need to review further and grammar that may be troublesome to my students in the future. The unit on teaching beginner?s and young learners has been very helpful since I am currently teaching 1st and 2nd graders in a multilingual classroom setting. This unit has given me insight into the different needs of these learners and the way to provide a positive and encouraging environment for these young learners to succeed. I believe this course has given me a great base to start my ESL teaching career on and shows me the areas that I can continue my education to become a better teacher. I am very excited to complete the Young Learners portion of this course as well as continue my teaching education by reading more ESL teaching books and building my library of books with educational games for the classroom.