Teach English in Yingang Zhen - Xinxiang Shi

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I have worked as an english teacher for 5 years now in japan. When I began my position I had no qualification for teaching english as a second language other than the fact that I spoke english. My position was to teach oral communication but I soon found it necessary to be looking up the names of certain tenses and the usages of certain structures. This course has deepened my understanding of the tenses and grammar structures of the english language. It has especially helped me to understand the use of the passive and active voice. Whilst teaching in japan I had an issue with this as the passive voice is so important in the japanese language. The lesson plan templates that we have been using throughout this course have also been very useful. During my teaching experience I have been required to use various lesson plan formats but none of them have particularly appealed to me. After using this template however I have become accustomed to it and have come to like some of the features it includes, specifically the learner objectives and the personal aims for the teacher. I have already implemented the use of this lesson template into my classes and introduced it to the teachers that I work with and I plan to continue to use it. With the beginning of the japanese school year starting in March I am looking forward to using the knowledge I have acquired from this course to into planning a new oral communication curriculum for my middle school and high school students that closely follows the grammar and tenses they are learning in their other english class but that hopefully expands on it even more, showing the students the different situations that such tenses or structures can be used.