Teach English in Herong Zhen - Yichng Shi

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Why one-on-one teaching English becomes a trend? Because it is the best way to learn the language! There are many reasons why: it is convenient to both teacher and student in terms of time and location; student progress and development is not in rush - its juts in a perfect pace; the lessons are calibrated base on student’s needs; the teacher is solely focused on one student; and the teacher can be freely creative with the tasks and activities that the student will enjoy. First, it is convenient to both teacher and student in terms of time and location. Be it online teaching or tutorial at home, both are effective ways to learn the language. Especially on the part of the student to cater the most suitable time. This is also the reason why online teaching is a trend now. Second, student’s progress and growth in the language is not in a rush. The teacher and student can take their time with the pacing of the lessons, not thinking about other students. Sometimes, students feel pressured with other students if they study in a group. But with one-one-one class, they don’t have to think about others and focus solely on their own language development. Third, the lessons are well calibrated on student’s interest and needs. Since it’s a one-on-one class, the lessons are based on the requirements of the student. The student is also more motivated to participate in discussions because there are no peer pressure and will be more confident in terms of speaking. Fourth, the teacher is solely focused on one student. The teacher can have more knowledge about student’s weaknesses and strengths, and could work on them. Also, the teacher’s undivided attention will purely benefit the student because everything will be about one student. The student will also be more confident to discuss things or share things that cannot be shared in a group. Lastly, the teacher can be more fun and creative with the activities. In group classes, each student has their own interests, so the possibility of some students who don’t want to participate, or the reluctant ones are very high. So sometimes, the teacher’s hands are tied when it comes to choosing activities. But when the class is one-on-one, the teacher can be creative enough to experiment activities based on what the student might find interested in. The student can also be open if he/she wants to change the activity without thinking about the others. There are some benefits of studying in group because it could be fun being around with people who also wants to study the language. But if a student is considering a faster and more effective way of learning English, one-on-one learning is still the best. Sure it could be fun to do some activities with other people, but the quality of doing activities in one-on-one English learning is more promising. Its convenience, the quality of rapport that the student-teacher have, and the freedom to explore in learning the language are just few of the reasons why one-on-one is the best way to learn English.