Teach English in Huangtuling Zhen - Yingkou Shi

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This was by far one of the most interesting units. I actually spend a lot of time thinking about the sounds we make and how they don't relate at all to how we spell words in my daily life. I have actually made my own phonetic script that I play with all the time so reading the international script came to me quite easy and it was pretty fun. I also find it interesting from my time studying Chinese that English also has some tonal properties. We tend to think of Mandarin and other tonal Asian languages as strange and difficult because of this property, but I don't think many of us English speakers stop to think about how tones drastically affect the meaning of a sentence. I was also fascinated by classification of sounds based on the organs and regions we manipulate to create them. An example is plosives. They are formed by retracting air and letting it go like an explosion.