Teach English in Yingkou Shi

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Teach English in Chentun Zhen, Yingkou Shi
When teaching students the importance of pronunciation in English, it is a good idea to make use of different techniques such as mouth diagrams, tongue twisters, peer dictation, over-emphasising individual parts of a word, and phonemes
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Teach English in Gouyan Zhen, Yingkou Shi
Practicing with the phonemic alphabet was tricky! As a native English speaker I don't think about the individual sounds in what I am saying, so to think and decode speech in that way, rather than using the traditional alphabet and spelling was mind stretching! It was good to learn about the importance of phonology, intonation, stress, and pronunciation, as these elements do a play a large roll in speaking, listening, and communicating clearly in any language
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Teach English in Guantun Zhen, Yingkou Shi
I have adults at two different schools and they once in a while popped up the horrific question “what does this symbol or that symbol mean” and as a teacher you do not want to stummer or look silly
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Teach English in Jiuzhai Zhen, Yingkou Shi
As highlighted at the beginning of this very unit "Pronunciation is the most neglected aspect of English language teaching" due to multiple reasons such as lack of confidence to teach and learn it methodically, native versus English intonation differences, and the fact that pronunciation and phonology is a part that we rarely encounter in school or course books
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Teach English in Lutun Zhen, Yingkou Shi
This was a challenging unit but I have now learnt the importance of pronunciation and phonology, I can also see why a lot of teachers neglect as can be very intimidating
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Teach English in Wolongquan Zhen, Yingkou Shi
Pronunciation is consider the most neglected aspect of English language teaching, some of the reasons are the lack of confidence in foreign teachers on the other hand English teachers might also lack of training
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