Teach English in Jiuzhai Zhen - Yingkou Shi

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As highlighted at the beginning of this very unit "Pronunciation is the most neglected aspect of English language teaching" due to multiple reasons such as lack of confidence to teach and learn it methodically, native versus English intonation differences, and the fact that pronunciation and phonology is a part that we rarely encounter in school or course books. Thus, the phonological component of the living language must be a constant priority for the teacher from the beginning must of learning. The student will be made aware of the main rhythms, phonemes, and intonation patterns through specific activities. The latter varies from memorization of statements, songs, nursery rhymes, the imitation of different rhythms, the distinction between various types of sentences on the basis of their characteristic intonations, and games based on the sounds of the language. Having said that, one may come across the question of what activities to set up? Well! some of what I learned during my studies at the university were the following: A- Associate a number and a phoneme; teach children a nursery rhyme: 1, 2, how are you, Sue? 3, 4, how are you, Laure? 5, 6, how are Félix? 7, 8, how are you kate? 9, 10, how are you, Ben? B- Make, listen, and learn nursery rhymes (songs), songs, and tongue twisters: Pizza, pizza, pizza, pie He loves pizza, so do I Pizza with mushrooms, ham, and cheese I'd like a slice of pizza, please Pizza with tomatoes, sausage too I want a large one: how about you? Pizza, pizza, pizza, pie They love pizza, so do I Here is another well-known tongue twister: She sells sea-shells by the seashore The shells that she sells are sea shells I'm sure. C- Count the number of syllables and identify the accented syllable: Teacher: count the syllables "ORANGE." Student: 2 Teacher: count the syllables "AUSTRALIA." Student: 3 D- Pronunciation training: card game (happy family) F- Phonetic Bingo To conclude, through all these activities it is essential to set up a real work of active listening to allow the children to hear, and in the long term, to become familiar with the specificity of the English sounds and its prosody to appropriate it.